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All Biomedical processes have been carefully integrated to Biopro System. Thus, we are able to support and manage our hospitals in Anadolu through our headquarters. While JCI, ISO audits, BioPro is the key tool for us.


Managing a hospital’s medical technology is hard work to do. Things in your responsibility are about human health and as biomedical group we are operating technical services. Both we have to inform our users (i.e. doctors), and we need to satisfy the board in terms of quality and costs. On the one side, no one is interested in details, but you have to show the details of the problems, the solutions of the deadlocks and gather the data for future operations. On that point you need a technical assistant. BioPro is preciously the assistant for your Biomedical Department.


If you want to manage, first of all you should know what you will manage. For this, you should keep an updated and detailed inventory of all devices available in your hospital. Carrying out just this in full in a hospital which works intensely in any case, and following the technology and innovation is a separate operation in itself. This has been attempted for many years in different ways, but the currency has been lost in a short time.

When you achieve this, you can proceed to the stage of managing your inventory properly. As is the case in general, managing is not only composed of providing seemingly that the work is conducted without a problem by performing troubleshooting, maintenance and calibration processes. What is more important is to perform the processes in due time by planning and minimizing human errors, recording the processes together with their costs and taking a correct decision by analyzing the data that you acquire afterwards. In brief, doing business in the most efficient way together with the optimum resources.

With the increase in quality and work load in the health sector, the appropriate software has become the most important means required for doing your business correctly. Although this is perceived as a cost at first sight, this is very low compared to the cost arising from replacing devices before their economic and usage lifespan has expired, as a result of their unplanned and careless management.

When the subject comes to software selection, there is no need to lose time between either domestic or foreign-origin software as in the past or spend energy to develop your own software. Almost all of the software are in fact the software focused on the building management, and could not meet the requirements of the biomedical device management as expected.

Medline Health Group has realized BioPro Maintenance Management System, which is designed completely for the biomedical processes’ management, includes all functions required by those doing this business and improves itself continuously, in all its hospitals. BioPro has proved that it is sufficient software in itself to achieve the abovementioned objectives.

The inventories of all your hospitals can be kept updated, the workorders received, materials used, calibration and maintenances and also their costs can be tracked via BioPro Maintenance Management System. All data and documents concerning these processes can be stored. These data can be analyzed if required, reports can be issued and the managerial decisions can be taken easily.

The performance of both devices and personnel can be monitored and the necessary measures can be taken. The risk of making mistake can be minimized and the efficiency can be increased.


We were keeping the equipment inventory management on the office programs such as Excel and Access in our hospital established in 2005 because of the comfort of being a new hospital and our equipments being under warrant. But in the middle of 2008, the workload begun to increase and the warranties begun to expire, and so the office programs that we used started to remain incapable for us. In consequence of the researches carried out in that period, we examined the package programs suggested by the different companies. In consequence of the examinations, the product BioPro offered by Davon became prominent as more user-friendly and developable program. We have used BioPro system actively in our hospital since 2009.

The following modules of the program, the inventory management and workorder management have simplified our operation. My team-mates can make their plans by seeing the planned maintenance and calibration workorders sent to them in each entry in the system by the virtue of the Maintenance and Calibration Plans specified in the beginning of the year. As well, the maintenance and calibration workorders being late are received as warnings by them.

Moreover, all users make their work demands online on the software and track their demands at any time they wish, and so this has eliminated the communication problems in the institution.

By means of the material management module on the program, we provide to be stored all kind of enough parts in our storage by determining the stock amounts of the all spare parts and materials with expiry dates required for our equipments. For this reason, we can repair the breakdowns as soon as possible without the spare part problem.

One of the most approved features of the program is to see our current status transiently at any time by arranging the analysis and reporting modules in line with our own demands.

Our hospital uses BioPro program in the Information Systems Department for the last one year apart from the Medical Engineering Department and we are planning to use it in the Technical Services Department in 2013.


We have been using BioPro system at Istanbul University's Biomedical and Clinical Engineering Center which is responsible from about 15000 medical devices used in 6 giant hospitals of the university. This professional system helps us coordinate the maintanence, medical calibration measurements, and all type of other calls related to medical devices with an easy to access and reach from anywhere features. I strongly recommend this system to all hospitals, biomedical departments etc.