Why do you prefer BioPro?

Because Davon meets over 180 biomedical users needs in over 80 facility since 2007 with BioPro which is a Computerized Maintenance Management System provided for healthcare sector. BioPro is integrated, fully customizable, scalable and modern Inventory Maintenance Management System designed for healthcare sector

What is that BioPro is doing better? Why we choose you?

Because the focus point of Davon is Healthcare sector. Our professional team knows your Biomedical or Technical Services team's needs and processes. Additionally to the software service, we support you with consultancy about efficiency and workflows in your business. BioPro is fully developed Davon and support, customization and development services are given by Davon independently.

If you stop to support two years later, how are we going to continue on our way?

Davon is an institution must fulfill their obligations due to the current customer portfolio and solution partnerships and is aware of it.

What size do I reach with using a Davon application?

You can increase management quality, productivity and speed while reducing costs and risks with using a Davon application. So you have more time to expand your business. Also you can control service quality and profitability of your business with measuring.

What is the performance of application?

BioPro is a Single Page Web Application developed with Web 2.0 technology. Because of that, very low configurated client computers can also reach and use application easily. BioPro runs without problem with an average internet connection.

Why should we invest internet architecture in our enterprise applications?

Desktop applications are no longer practical solutions because of needs to install on every computer, maintenance and update problems. The softwares must be suitable for mobile usage and save your time.

What is the technology of BioPro?

BioPro is an application developed on SU Framework which is also developed by Davon with Java programming language for core and Javascript for Ui and runs on Jboss application server.

Internet performance is very low in Turkey; how does completely web-based application runs efficiently in this environment?

BioPro operates quite fast even with the average Internet connection.

Is it safe to run on the internet?

Servers which keeps your application and data are located in large data centers provided by the global server providers. Security is also provided by the server provider.

Is the client side run on the Linux?

Users who use Linux operating system, can access via browser(Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc.) to BioPro.

What is the minimum Server and Client configurations?

Required server is provided by Davon. In the configuration of client computers it is sufficient to be capable of running web browser.

Are there any non-customizable parts in BioPro? What are the limits of customization for BioPro?

All forms and form fields, grid columns, namings in BioPro can be customized according to the customer needs.

Can our old data be transferred to BioPro without problem?

It is enough to fill the excel file that we will share you for to transfer your equipment data to BioPro.

Which products should we compare with BioPro?

BioPro is a CMMS(Computerized Maintenance Management System) and can compare with these softwares. But, the difference of BioPro is it is a complete solution for healthcare sector.

What is the upgrade policy of BioPro?

BioPro software is developed as a result of feedback from users and you can use the new features of the system will provide an updated every 6 months.

Common bugs can be found new software or software in the new version even in the world's largest software makers. What is the commitment of Davon for overcome the bugs that can be found in BioPro?

All responsibility about solving bugs is belong to Davon and bugs will be solved in the specified time limits according to priority level of bug.

Project Phases

The phases to start using BioPro after agreement are as follows:
1. Preparation (Kickoff Meeting, Preparation of Project Plan)
2. Detailed Analysis (Deailed Process Analysis)
3. Adaptation (Customization, Development and Training)
4. Control (Prototype System Creation and User Testing)
5. Go-Live
6. Support

Is BioPro open source?

Our plans include providing SU Framework as open source in further period but it is not open source now.

If we don't buy all modules of BioPro, can we buy them later according to our needs?

You can start using it by selecting one of the three packages according to your need. You can upgrade with upper packages further and meet your needs with additional modules.

Is there Davon's Solution Partner structure?

A Solution Partner is not available for the moment about BioPro.

How many people will give support to my company?

Support team planning will be made during the analysis phase according to needs of your company.

DAVON provides services to which business sector?

Davon serves all sectors (particularly the health sector) which require Inventory, Labor and Materials Management.

DAVON is relevant for which industries?

Davon is relevant for healthcare with BioPro; IT with ITPro; other industries with MetaPro.

DAVON is most assertive at which industry?

Davon is assertive in healthcare sector.

Is it appropriate for manufacturing companies?

It is relevant for enterprises engaged in production for track of production equipments and their maintenance monitoring, warehouse inventory tracking.

Can modules of BioPro work alone?

Inventory Management, Work Management and Material Management modules can be used standalone. Also these modules can be used integrated which each other and the other modules.

Is just BioPro enough for a company?

BioPro alone is not enough for the general case of a business, depending on the type of business. The accounting processes must be managed by another software company.

Can I find people who can give support about your software if I wanted to get third party support, are you helping about it?

Support services are provided by Davon.

When I take a break for maintenance service, what will happen when I want to get maintenance service again?

BioPro is rented as a service in SaaS model. This service includes software, maintenance and support services as a whole. Therefore, it is not a case such as cancellation of maintenance.

What is the longest or most costly project that you had?

BioPro project which was implemented at İstanbul Anadolu Kuzey Kamu Hastaneleri Birliği.

Are there any project that you could not match the time schedule on your quote? Can you explain why?

Yes, there are some projects which we could not match the time schedule on our quote. Most of them, the cause of delay is late submission of masterdata excel files. Some of them, the complexity or unclear of workflow.

Can we see the CVs of the consultants we will be worked before without a contract?

You can see if you require.

What do you want from us about the project? How must our infrastructure be? Do you think our infrastructure is enough?

There is no infrastructure expected from you about the project.

Can you prepare a special demo which can we see all our process?

This can only be done after an agreement is reached.

We make exactly the same job with your …. customer. Can we benefit from your experience there?

Of course. We have knowledge about procedures, workflows, basic problems and their solutions applied in different people and teams. We share our knowledge with you during the project.

Can you install a demo for us to try and to make sure?

Please get in touch with us to access the demo system.

We can also use this system in different locations but what if internet does not available in there?

You need to have Internet access to reach your real time data in BioPro.

Is there SaaS(Software as a Service) method?

BioPro is currently rented as service under annual contracts.

After go-live, how does support service work?

After go-live, you can get support via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email address. We are using ITPro to track your requests and respond you as soon as possible.

You say web-based, what about security?

Security of BioPro system is provided by global server providers.

Which operating systems can be compatible with the software?

Your operating system has no restrictions for use of BioPro on the cloud, you only need an internet browser.

Which database does BioPro works? Can the program only be used via Internet? Is it able to integrate with other software? For example, we are using …. as accounting software and we do not think of to leave so.

BioPro currently works on MS SQL Server database. You can use BioPro on cloud or you can use on a server provided by you. It can be integrated with Accounting, PCMS, Human Resources System, etc.

Which format can you transfer the data?

We can transfer your inventory data to BioPro quickly with an excel file which format will be shared with you.