Biopro Mobile

It can be used as the device inventory management and workorder management functions via BioPro Mobile application in the IPhone and Android-based Smartphones. Through the Inventory Management in the Mobile application;

  • The inventory can be queried and its details can be inspected. (E.g.; Brand, Model, Downtime Information etc.)
  • The device information can be accessed by being read the barcode concerning the inventory.
  • New workorder can be added to the inventory by being read the barcode.
  • All workorders concerning a device can be inspected.
  • The history of device can be listed in order of the events (For example: inventory record, inventory update, creating and completing the workorder, Calibration, events concerning the contracts on Device, warranty period etc.)
  • The calibration records of the device can be listed.
  • The devices having warnings can be listed or system warnings on a device can be inspected. (For example: the warranty of the device has expired, Device should be calibrated, Maintenance date of the device has passed, etc.)
  • The contracts concerning a device can be inspected.
  • The breakdowns concerning a device can be listed.

Through the workorder management in the mobile application;

  • The workorder records can be created and listed.
  • The changes on the workorder record can be listed chronologically. (For example, which activity concerning the workorder has been carried out by which personnel and when)
  • By being read barcode or 2d-code of a device, the response time is recorded automatically on the workorder. Thus, the real response time can be recorded.
  • The labour force spent in the workorder can be recorded.
  • The materials used in the workorder can be recorded.
  • The notes recorded for a workorder can be listed and numerous notes can be added.
  • The information on the company response carried out concerning the workorder can be listed and the new response record can be added.