Calibration Management

The Calibration Management module is developed for those who want to track the calibrations of the devices calibrates or the hospitals/laboratories which calibrate the devices themselves.

Main functions are as follows:

  • Recording the calibration information.
  • Automatic dating for the next calibrations.
  • Providing information concerning the devices for which the calibration date is approaching or has past.
  • Issuing the calibration certificates in conformity with the “Notification on Conditions concerning the TURKAK Branded Test Reports and Calibration Certificates” published on the official journal dated 23.05.2003.
  • Keeping the digital versions of the calibration certificates in the system whether issued in the system or not.
  • Recording the calibration devices and observing their positions.
  • Preparing a template in Excel and receiving the templates as automatically full with the necessary information in the relevant workorder, besides this, saving automatically with just a single click in the document.