Material Management

This is a module used for managing the materials’ definition information used in the work orders and information on their current status. It is used as the information source for the detailed cost analyses concerning the work order.

Main functions are as follows:

  • Managing the basic material definition information.
  • Identifying critical stock amount for each material, listing the materials below the critical stock with just a single click.
  • Access to the storage information which contains a material.
  • Displaying whether the material is available in other hospitals or not, if required in the multihospital institutions.
  • Listing the transfer movements between the hospitals in the multihospital institutions
  • Listing all of the movements concerning the materials (Purchasing, use, creating device record from the items taken etc.).
  • Identifying an alternative material for a material.
  • Listing all of the proposals received concerning the material.
  • Listing the devices in which the material is used.
  • Carrying out a search according to the basic material information as well as according to the device type, branch and model in which the material is used.
  • Tracking the input and output information of the storage.
  • Carrying out stock management.
  • Loading digital files to the material movements.
  • If the device record is created from a purchasing movement, tracking this on the basis of invoice.
  • Tracking the materials used in the work orders and supporting in creating reports on the real costs of the works.   
  • Recording the materials and/or service proposals received from the companies within the scope of the studies to the system, if required again, comparing the price information received previously.
  • Choosing different formulae when calculating the current cost of the material:
    • Initial Purchase Price
    • Final Purchase Price
    • Average Purchase Price
    • Highest Purchase Price
    • Lowest Purchase Price
    • Fixed Price
  • Making service definition, inspecting the proposal information according to the service.
  • Identifying gradually the material types in tree structure, indicating the material class.
  • Managing the storage definitions, easy access to the material stocks available in storage.