With MetaPro you can check all of the inventory information in your organisation, observe and plan your processes, and undertake analyses in order to be able to make management decisions. You can facilitate the automation of many processes, which need to be carried out in the plants, and which are labour intensive and where it would be easy to make mistakes, and thereby increase efficiency, reduce risk, and ensure a return on the investment within a short period.

With MetaPro;

  • You can increase the lifespan of your devices: Due to effective inventory management you can easily track maintenance and calibration periods, and increase the lifespan of devices as a result.
  • You can keep your budget under control: Ensuring that the costs of faults, maintenance, calibration or other processes are monitored will assist healthy budgeting.
  • You can prevent repeated information: Will ensure the performance management of inventory, work and resources. Will assist departments in sharing information electronically, and ensure that the information within an organisation is complete. It is not just a software, but a corporate solution.
  • You can make it easier to access information: Facilitates access by employees to documents such as manuals, guides, drawings, and the technical specifications of devices, making it easier to access information.
  • You can speed up your processes with user friendly screens: Opening screens which can be adjusted according to single page web application interface and user roles makes it easier to use. Speeds up access to the screens where work is to be performed. Provides the opportunity to work on more than one screen at the same time.
  • You can manage your activities in line with procedures: Ensures that work is carried out correctly, in line with defined procedures. Provides the possibility to monitor how far procedural steps have been adhered to.
  • You can optimise your processes: Ensures that you can access analyses concerning the maintenance processes, thereby assisting optimisation.
  • You can measure the effectiveness of labour: Provides the possibility to assess the working performance of technical personnel and the conformity of sub-contractor companies to agreements, thereby increasing efficiency.
  • You can organise your tree structure and hierarchic data: You can create your definitions which require a tree structure, such as departments, locations, device types, activity types and fault types, easily and without any limits.