IT Inventory Management

It is possible to access and update the information held by information technology devices. It manages the information held by information technology devices such as Computers Printers, Telephones, Monitors, Servers, Switchboards and Network devices. It can notify work requests and faults in connection with the information technology inventories of all of the users within the plant. It can monitor the technical specifications cards and hardware updates or hardware changes to devices. Further, it is able to carry out the following:

  • The recording of measurement information periodically read from devices (Eg. The number of pages printed by printers);
  • The creation of Fault workorders in connection with devices and the examination of all workorders related to a device;
  • The examination of the history of a device in accordance with the sequence of events (Eg. inventory recording, inventory updating, workorder creation and closing, calibration, events related to agreements connected to the device, end of warranty, etc.);
  • The examination of agreements related to devices, and their details.

It enables the printing of labels unique to the IT inventory.