Material Management

Material Management enables you to manage the definitions of materials and spare parts and the movements of these in a detailed manner.

Its principal characteristics are as follows:

  • It organises material definitions;
  • It undertakes stock planning;
  • It adjusts your consumed materials and spare parts budgets;
  • It provides detailed information for the analysis of the costs of materials;
  • It supports long-term planning;
  • It monitors entries into and exits from the storage areas;
  • It meets the fundamental stock management requirement.

The materials, labour and machinery requirements are determined due to Material Management, ensuring that measures are taken regarding any resource deficiencies which may arise, and that a minimum level of stock is kept, thereby minimising storage costs.

The following are enabled in relation to stock management:

  • The creation of stock records;
  • Stock monitoring;
  • The creation of a parts register;
  • The creation of workorders for transfers between storage areas and in connection with the exit of parts;
  • The performance of stock holding and ordering cost tracking;
  • The re-determining of safe (minimum) stock levels and the generation of the relevant workorder.

The work flow of the machinery park is examined and the positioning of the right materials at the right time and right place is ensured, thereby optimising resource planning. The incidences of out of stock products, insufficient stock and keeping products in stock are minimised. With the provision of detailed cost analyses in connection with the use of materials in the workorder, costs are minimised, and long-term planning support is provided to reporting on the true cost of work.