Workflow Engine

The Workflow Engine enables the management of fault, maintenance and calibration processes in the most efficient way possible, and the collection of information in the most correct way possible, thereby facilitating the tracking of what stage each particular activity is at. It is possible to enter only the related compulsory information at the stage on which the activity is at. It possesses the feature of being able to send an email and / or SMS at the required points of modelled work processes.

The workflow engine enables the tracking of the amounts of time the machinery entered into the system was able to provide a service and the amounts of time they were not able to provide a service. Due to its personalised reports, MetaPro enables the monitoring of the amounts of time when machinery were out of service due to faults or maintenance, and the analysis results which are obtained enable a prognosis to be made on whether these machinery should be replaced or upgraded.

Its principal characteristics are as follows:

  • Less time is spent on planning, scheduling, and monitoring machinery group performance due to the workflow engine;
  • Monitoring the performance of employees (entry into and exit from the company) becomes easier;
  • It assists in ensuring that work conforms with labour laws and organisational directives.