Material Resources Management System

This is in accord with the letter on “Clinical Engineering Services” no. 3161, dated 19.07.2013, circular on “Inventory Management and Movable Property Implementations” no 2013/9, dated 01.07.2013 and also letter on “Clinical Engineering Information Management Systems” no. 809, dated 20.09.2013 of the Turkish Institute of Public Hospitals.

Its integration with the Hospital Information Management Systems which are used in the healthcare facilities is not compulsory but if required; its integration can be provided. It runs as integrated with the Material Resources Management System which belongs to the Ministry of Health.

It is web-based and can be run on all kinds of mobile devices and internet browsers.

As can be established as specific to the hospital, it can run in all hospitals throughout the Institute of Public Hospitals.

As well as being operated independently, it can be integrated optionally with the Purchase and Storage Management Systems.

It can be used for the devices, apart from the biomedical devices, which require data processing and other technical services.

It is planned to be used by suppliers receiving maintenance, repair and measurement services within the limits of their authorities, apart from the employees of the healthcare facilities.


Certificate of Conformity to “Clinical Engineering Information Management Systems”