Contract Management

This is a module through which you can manage the information related to the contracts signed with the sub-contractors. It shows the contracted-company information to the relevant user and directs the usage when a workorder is opened to a device for maintenance or breakdown.

Besides these, its main functions are as follows:

  • Tracking whether the contracted company is in accord with the performance criteria indicated in the contract or not. (Response Time, Repair Time, Part Supply Time)
  • Recording the details of the contracts signed with the companies and the devices within the scope of the contracts.
  • Graphical display of total uptime rate of the devices within the scope of the contract during the term of contract.
  • Identifying the various types of contracts (such as Maintenance, Service, Insurance)
  • Managing the information of the contracted companies.
  • Managing the information belonging to the personnel of the contracted company with whom the contact is made.
  • Uploading/downloading the digital version of the contract files.
  • Uploading/downloading the digital files concerning the contract (For example: Mail copies or proposal versions).