BioPro Maintenance Management System is the first and unique maintenance management system program of Turkey in this field, which is designed specially for the healthcare sector and covers biomedical, technical services and data processing departments. BioPro, which is used by the technical teams of the institutions or the institutions providing technical services, is a software, developed with web 2.0 technologies, which provide the periodic maintenance planning, keeping records of the maintenance and breakdowns, cost tracking on the basis of material, personnel and company, and thus increases the lifespan, reliability and efficiency of the devices and also minimises the maintenance expenses and loss of time. We customize BioPro system fully and uniquely for the solution of the hospital requirements in accordance with the processes of each hospital to which we render service.

We can specify the advantages of the BioPro system as follows:

  • Enables inventory tracking reliably, reports in all kinds of details.
  • Enables the assessment of the working performance of the technical personnel and the conformity of the contracted companies to their contracts.
  • Provides great convenience in tracking electronically the works monitored on paper, organises workorders and prevents the loss of records.
  • Provides more reliable and quality running of the organization by ensuring the performance of preventive maintenance as well as corrective maintenance by the maintenance departments.
  • Ensures that work is carried out in a controlled manner in accordance with the defined processes.
  • Assists healthy budgeting by providing cost tracking of the breakdown, maintenance, calibration or other works.
  • Enables more efficient use of the labour force. Helps the employees to plan their work. Enables them to spend more time on the work by spending less on work tracking
  • Provides the various reports to be prepared for analysis in order to increase the efficiency.
  • Provides easy access to information by enabling the employees to access the documents such as manuals, guides, drawings, and technical specifications of the device.