Contract Management

Contract Management ensures the tracking of contracts with suppliers and the machinery which are subject to contracts.

Its principal characteristics are as follows:

  • It ensures speedy access to sub-contractor companies;
  • It offer the opportunity to monitor the SLA success rates of sub-contractor companies;
  • It stores contract texts and the other relevant files;
  • It monitors the machinery which are included in and / or excluded from contracts;
  • It gives a warning for contracts which have expired.

Contract Management enables immediate access to the details of the contracted company of the relevant user when fault or works orders are created, thereby lowering the time it takes to respond.

It stores the digital copies of the contract text, proposals and other files related to the contract. This enables authorised persons to access files remotely. By storing multiple proposals in one place it makes it easier for them to be compared.

It enables the monitoring of machinery which are included in and / or excluded from contracts to be monitored. It gives warnings on contracts which are about to expire, and automatically performs procedures related to contracts which have expired.