Inventory Management

Inventory Management ensures that you will see, control and manage your inventory and all principal and supplementary data in a hierarchic entirety.

Its main characteristics are as follows:

  • Ensures that machinery can be observed in detail;
  • Assists in the displaying of the history of machinery;
  • Removes “end of line” machinery from the inventory;
  • Provides a proactive approach;
  • Provides the opportunity to view activated workorders and the physical status of machinery in a single screen.

Inventory Management ensures that machinery are controlled in the light of work and expenditure data, in a hierarchic structure, and the lifespan of machinery and their productivity are increased in line with the analyses which come out from these controls.

Displaying the history of machinery provides the opportunity track the workorders placed for machinery, the calibrations performed, the digital files belonging to the machinery, warnings related to faults, contracts and warranties, machinery which are no longer operating and the physical status of machinery in a single screen, to manage these and the opportunity to be able to provide information concerning periodic work in advance. Together with this, advanced measures are taken against all types of faults which may arise, by providing a proactive approach to customers, and periods of unexpected fault are reduced to a minimum.

It enables you to access all the details related to the entry of machinery into, and exit from inventory, their maintenance, faults and calibrations, and to remove machinery which are no longer in a fit state for use, from the inventory. It assists you in performing inventory management in a fast and organised manner due to its easy to use user interface and tree data structure.