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Work Management

Work management is another basic module of BioPro where Work Requests, Work Orders and Plans are managed.

Major functions:

  • Ability to collect work requests digitally from facility personnel

  • Ability to create work orders to the technical team from the collected work requests

  • Open and manage work order records of dynamically determined types

  • Tracking time, device, location information, explanations and other basic information about the work order

  • Tracking and reporting the costs related to work orders in different breakdowns

  • Batch work order update

  • Ability to easily plan periodic works in a short time and automatically keep the plans up to date

  • Ability to review changes in work order information during history. (Example: which personnel did which activity related to the work order, when)

  • To be able to record the labor spent on the work order, the materials used, the incoming invoices, the services needed and examine their costs

  • Ability to follow the information of part orders given for a work order

  • Recording the offers received from various companies for the work order in order to be able to follow up and compare later

  • Recording the information of an external company interventions related to the work order and obtaining company performance reports regarding these interventions

  • Ability to upload and download any digital document related to the work order

  • Ability to follow sub-work orders of the work order

  • Ability to define the procedures to be applied in the work order

  • With detailed work planning, the workload of people can be followed graphically and distributed equally.

  • Graphical examination of estimated work times in technicians

  • Batch work order assignment

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