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Attain excellence in healthcare

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BioPro Computerized Maintenance Management System is specifically designed for the healthcare sector. It is the first and only maintenance management system program for biomedical, information technology, technical services, and support departments. BioPro can be used by technical teams or service providers of organizations.

BioPro is a powerful tool for managing the technical operations of healthcare institutions. Discover BioPro to make your business more efficient and cost-effective.

BioPro enables inventory management, fault tracking, scheduling of regular maintenance and calibration, and record keeping of work orders while monitoring costs based on material, personnel, and vendor. This aims to increase the lifespan, reliability, and efficiency of devices while reducing operating costs and minimizing time loss. Additionally, BioPro can be customized to fit your institution's specific processes, providing a unique and comprehensive solution for your needs.

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has all the modules you need to manage your daily operations in your organization.

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Oxygen Equipment Maintenance
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A Secure Step in Health Technologies: BioPro CMMS

  • BioPro performs inventory tracking error-free and provides detailed reports.

  • BioPro enables the evaluation of technical personnel's work performance and compliance with contracted companies' agreements.

  • Conducting job tracking electronically provides great convenience in organizing work orders compared to paper-based tracking and prevents lost records.

  • BioPro allows maintenance departments to perform not only corrective but also preventive maintenance. This way, the organization can work more safely and with higher quality.

  • BioPro ensures that jobs are carried out under control according to defined processes.

  • BioPro helps to make healthy budgeting by tracking the costs of breakdowns, maintenance, calibration, and other works.

  • BioPro enables more efficient use of labor and helps employees plan their work. With BioPro, job tracking takes less time, so employees can spend more time on tasks.

  • BioPro allows for analysis by creating various reports to increase efficiency.

  • BioPro provides easy access to information by allowing employees to access documents such as manuals, guides, pictures, device specifications, and so on.



In this marathon, where no one wants to deal with the details, you need an assistant who monitors, warns and informs you in every step you take in order to make your work visible, to explain the problems you deal with and the solutions you produce, and to support the problem/solutions you have identified with data. The fact that BioPro has been developed and is still being developed with this target and actual clinical practice enables it to offer you a suitable solution for every problem experienced in the field.
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