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Material Management

It is the module used to manage the definitions and current status of the materials used in work orders. It is used as an information source for detailed cost analysis related to the work order.

Major functions:

  • Managing basic material definitions information

  • Ability to define critical stock amount for each material, list the materials below the critical stock with one click

  • Access to warehouse information where a material is located

  • Displaying whether the material is available in other hospitals, if requested in multi-hospital institutions

  • Monitoring of transfer movements between hospitals in multi-hospital organizations

  • Ability to list all material-related transactions (Purchase, use, creating device record from the received item, etc.)

  • Ability to define an alternative material to a material

  • Ability to list all bids received for the material

  • Ability to list the devices in which the material is used

  • Ability to search by basic and detailed material information

  • Ability to track warehouse entry and exit information

  • Ability to manage stock

  • Follow-up of digital files related to material and material movements

  • Follow-up of materials used in work orders

  • Supporting the creation of reports on the actual costs of work orders

  • Recording the material and service offers received from the companies within the scope of the studies carried out, comparing the price information previously received in case of need

  • Different formulas can be selected while calculating the current cost of the material.

  • Identifying material types in the tree structure

  • Managing warehouse definitions

  • Easy access to material stocks in a warehouse

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