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MetaPro Mobile

Metapro Mobile application is designed to work integrated with Metapro main system.

Main features:

  • Thanks to the main application called Metapro Loader, it receives all updates and works with the latest version in this way. The application can work offline and users can see the work orders assigned to them; It gives the opportunity to add new work orders with details such as replacement material usage, company intervention.

  • Apart from this, users can examine the machines and the fault, calibration and contract records of these machines; material stocks can be reviewed. When Metapro Mobil can establish a network connection, it sends the final versions of work orders to the main system and receives the latest data from the main system. Metapro Mobil, with its barcode and RFID tag reading features, allows you to easily inspect a machine and easily add work orders to the machine.

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