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  • Why BioPro?
    Because Davon has been meeting the needs of more than 180 Biomedical personnel in more than 80 facilities with the BioPro Inventory Maintenance Management System, which it has been offering specifically to the health sector since 2007. BioPro is a fully integrated, innovative and scalable ready-made Inventory Maintenance Management System designed for the healthcare industry that can be tailored to the needs of its customers.
  • What does BioPro do better? Why should we choose you?
    Because Davon's focus is on the healthcare industry. Knows the needs and processes of your biomedical team, besides software service, it also provides consultancy on productivity and business processes to advance you in your field. BioPro is software entirely developed by DAVON, and support, customization and software development services are provided independently by Davon.
  • What sizes can I access on a Davon application?
    While increasing your management quality, efficiency and speed in your business by using a Davon application; You reduce your costs and risks. This gives you more time to use to grow your business. Thanks to the measurements you can make, you can keep your profitability and service quality under control.
  • What is Application Performance?
    It is a Single Page Web Application developed with BioPro Web 2.0 technology. In this way, it can be easily accessed and used even from computers with very low configuration. Application; screen transitions, data query and list iteration speeds are also very fast even on an average internet connection.
  • Why should we invest in internet architecture in our corporate applications?
    Software called desktop applications, which requires installation for each computer and can only be used from that computer, has become obsolete. In today's world where mobility and easy access to data from anywhere are indispensable, the software to be used should also be suitable for this and save you time.
  • What is BioPro's technology?
    BioPro is an application developed with Java programming language and developed with Davon's SU Framework, running on JBoss application server, using Javascript for interface layers.
  • Internet performance is very low in Turkey; How can a completely internet-based application work efficiently in this environment?
    BioPro, due to its technology, has been developed to work very fast even on an average internet connection.
  • Is it safe to work on the Internet?
    The servers where your data is located are provided by global server providers and are located in large data centers whose security is also provided by these server providers.
  • Does it run on the user side on Linux?
    Users using Linux operating system can also access BioPro via their internet browser.
  • How are the min. Server and Client configurations?
    The required server is provided by Davon. It is sufficient for the client computers to be configured to run internet browsers.
  • Are there any non-customizable sections in BioPro? What are the customization limits in BioPro?
    All form fields, grid columns, naming can be customized according to the customer.
  • Can our old data be transferred to BioPro without problems?
    To transfer your device data to BioPro, simply fill out the excel file we will share with you.
  • With which products should BioPro be compared?
    BioPro is Computerized Maintenance Management System software called CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) as a product and can be compared with such software. However, what makes BioPro different from other CMMSs is that it is specialized for the healthcare industry.
  • What is BioPro's update policy?
    BioPro software is developed as a result of feedback from users and your system is updated every 6 months so that you can use new features.
  • Bugs can be found in new software or new versions of software, even in the world's largest software manufacturers. What is Davon's commitment to fixing bugs in BioPro?
    Davon is responsible for the elimination of bugs that may occur in BioPro, and it is resolved by intervening within the specified time according to the criticality level of the bug.
  • Project Steps
    After the agreement with Davon to start using BioPro, the steps are as follows: 1. Preparation(Handling Kickoff Meeting, Preparation of Project Plan) 2. Detailed Analysis(Performing Process Analysis) 3. Adaptation(Making Special Development Requests and Providing Training) 4. Control(Creation of Prototype System and User Tests) 5. Go Live 6. Support
  • Is the BioPro Source Code open?
    Our future plans include offering SU Framework as Open Source Code, but not for now.
  • If we don't buy all the modules of BioPro, can it be bought later according to our needs?
    You can start using one of the three packages according to your needs, and you can meet your needs by switching to higher packages and purchasing additional modules in the future.
  • Does DAVON have a Solution Partner structure?
    There is currently no Davon Partner for BioPro.
  • How many people will you support my company with?
    Support team planning will be done in the analysis phase according to your company's needs.
  • Which industries does DAVON serve?
    Davon serves all sectors that require Inventory, Work and Material Management, especially the health sector.
  • For which sectors is DAVON suitable?
    Davon's BioPro product health; ITPro product IT; MetaPro product is suitable for other industries.
  • In which sector is DAVON most ambitious?
    Davon is assertive in the health sector, which is the reason and focus of its emergence.
  • Is it suitable for manufacturing businesses?
    Following the production devices and their maintenance; It is suitable for use in warehouse stock tracking.
  • Can BioPro's modules work alone?
    BioPro's Inventory Management, Work Management, Material Management modules can work alone, but also work in integration with each other and other modules.
  • Is BioPro enough on its own in a business?
    BioPro is generally not enough for a business, depending on the type of business. The accounting processes of the business should be managed with another software.
  • If I want to get outside support, will I have difficulty in finding people who can support me about your software, do you help me about this?
    Support services are provided by Davon.
  • What happens when I pause maintenance and want to do maintenance again?
    BioPro is leased as a service in the SaaS model. In this service, software, maintenance and support services are offered as a whole. Therefore, there is no such thing as interruption of maintenance.
  • Which is your longest or most costly project?
    It is a BioPro project implemented by the Istanbul Anatolian North Public Hospitals Association.
  • Have you ever had a project that you could not meet the deadlines in your offer? Can you tell me why you couldn't sleep?
    We had projects that we could not meet the deadlines specified in the offer. The reason for the delay in the majority of these projects was the late arrival of the data lists to be transmitted, and the complexity or unclear workflow in some projects.
  • Will we be able to see the CVs of the consultants we will work with before making a contract?
    You can see it if you request it.
  • What do you want from us about the project? What kind of infrastructure should we have? Do you think our infrastructure is sufficient?
    There is no infrastructure requested from you regarding the project.
  • Can you prepare a special demo for us where we can see our whole process?
    This can only be done after an agreement is reached.
  • We do the same job as your ..... customer, will we be able to benefit from your experience there?
    Of course. We are informed about the ways of doing business of many people and teams in the health sector using the software, the main problems they encounter and the actions taken for their solutions, and we share this knowledge with you.
  • Can you upload a demo to us to try the software and be sure?
    To access the demo system, just contact us.
  • You say that we can use this system in different locations, if the internet goes out there?
    You must have internet to access real-time data in BioPro.
  • Is there a rental method?
    BioPro is currently leased as a service under annual agreements.
  • How does the support services work after the software is installed?
    After BioPro's live transition is complete, you can send your failure notifications and change requests We create a record in our business system regarding the requests you send via this e-mail address and we respond to your request as soon as possible after completing the necessary procedures.
  • You say web-based, but what about security?
    The security of the BioPro system is provided by global server providers.
  • Which operating systems can it work with?
    To use BioPro from the cloud, you don't have any operating system restrictions, you just need a web browser.
  • Which database is it running on? Can the program be used only over the internet? Is it possible to integrate with other software? For example, we use ........... software in accounting and we don't think much about quitting.
    BioPro is currently running on MSSQL Server database. You can use BioPro over the internet if you wish, or you can use it through the installation we will make on a server that you will provide. Accounting, HIMS, Human Resources System etc. can work integrated with software.
  • In what format can you automatically transfer data?
    We can quickly transfer your inventory data to BioPro with an excel file format that we will share with you.
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